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Founded by Dr. Tim Young in 2010, Focus OKC is a dynamic display of the nation���s top chiropractic leaders. It is our mission to deliver the chiropractic story to the masses. Focus believes that we are chiropractors BECAUSE of our chiropractic philosophy. We are dedicated to protecting this sacred trust.

JULY 17th & 18th 2015


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As a young chiropractic student, Dr. Young had the opportunity to learn from a master in chiropractic adjusting. Over the past 20 years he has devoted his life to becoming a master himself. He believe's his  patients deserve this type of dedication. Recently, he noticed a decline in the attention and focus on a proper chiropractic adjustment and believes the ART of chiropractic is fading.

 Dr. Young's adjusting class will introduce the student and doctor to a skill set that is not being taught anywhere else. This class will also reignite your passion for this incredible profession.
Classes are selling out the day the dates are released. If you are interested in our adjusting class, contact Brooke at and give her your information.

I hope to see you soon.
Dr. Young


Next Level is a chiropractic office development team, coached by two of the most successful Chiropractors in the country, Dr. Tim Young & Dr. Michael Buffington.
If you are a chiropractic student, newly graduated or have been in practice for 50 years, our proven philosophy and systems will guide you and your staff in a simple and effective way to achieve any level of success that you may choose.
If you are ready to introduce the person YOU are to the person YOU want to be, join now and let us help you reach your NEXT Level!  We are looking for those committed and ready to move their lives and careers from the 95% to the 5%.  We can help you get there.